Living the Aussie way

End of October, the semester is almost gone… Only a few weeks are left for me here in Adelaide.

These past two months I have been adopting the Aussie way of life, studying, working and experiencing new things.
I have been able to travel a bit in South Australia with my house mates, for instance we went to Victor Harbour and Granite island and we saw some penguins ( directly coming from Antarctica ).
I also had the opportunity to volunteer for Flinders Uni at the OZ Asia festival. This celebration was magnificent, with many colours and beautiful lanterns. With so many other festival and celebrations coming ahead for summer time, I understand better now why South Australia is called the Festival state.
During these two last months I also have been able to build strong ties with friends coming from different countries (Australia, China, South Korea, Spain, Iran, South Africa, Congo…).

Regarding studies, after a flat period during mid semester break, the rhythm has becoming more tensed with final assignments coming up this week and next week. But so far, so good it is just the end of the semester, it means that another page is about to be turned. We will see what is coming next after the first weeks of November !

Julian Vial, semester exchange at Flinders University from Université d’ Avignon et des Pays de Vaucluse, France , Semester 2 2016

OzAsia Festival
At OzAsia Festival in September
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