End of my time in Adelaide and new start in Indonesia

Only one assignment left, exams are almost finished… Soon my time here will be over. We are already the 7 th of November. After having completed one semester of studies here in Adelaide I must say that this experience brought me a lot (personally, academically and professionally).

During the last 5  months, I have been able to meet students from all over the world, I enjoyed high quality teaching courses at Flinders University and I had the opportunity to attend many festivals and events organized in Adelaide. At last I could also visit a bit the state of South Australia with some hiking in Morialta Park, penguin adventures in Granite Island, wine tasting in McLaren Vale and many other things…

As a result of my own experience here, I would definitely recommend this exchange at Flinders University. I will also strongly recommend international students to take some time off after their exchange program so they can travel in Australia and New Zealand because time is moving on so fast when you are here.

Regarding my personal plans, my time is over in Adelaide, but I will remain in Oceania as I recently got a job offer in Bali (Indonesia) for a year. It sounds like a new start for me, my studies are over and it’s time for me to enter the professional world.

My time in the Asia-Pacific will continue and for sure I will come back to Australia.

Julian Vial, semester exchange at Flinders University from Université d’ Avignon et des Pays de Vaucluse, France , Semester 2 2016

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