See you soon Malaysia!

In exactly 4 weeks, I will be departing Adelaide on my first ever international flight to Kuala Lumpur. Here I will spend the next 3 weeks studying the history, culture, and economic and political development of Malaysia, as well as undertaking a research project at Langkawi.

After receiving an email about the NCP mobility grant, I knew that it would be an amazing opportunity, that would provide me with the support needed to fulfil my dream of travelling abroad. As it is a short-term program and Malaysia is not far away, I thought it would be wonderful for a first-time traveller like myself to participate in.

Since hearing that I am one of the 10 lucky students attending, I have juggled my last few weeks of study with organising flights, vaccinations, and a passport to make sure that I am ready in time.

Even though I am very nervous and excited, it hasn’t sunk in that soon I will be in a new country experiencing many new and wonderful things. I expect that I may get a little homesick but I am looking forward to experiencing what I expect will be a very different culture and scenery. I also can’t wait to try the amazing food and explore the gorgeous Langkawi beaches.

Claire Mercer,  Bachelor of Science (Honours) (Forensic and Analytical Science) student, participating in “Investigating the history, culture, politics, and science and technology capability of  Malaysia” in January 2017 

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