My first month at the University of Calgary

Calgary has not fell short of my expectations! When I arrived at the University it resembled a ghost-town, as it was two weeks before the semester began. I used this time to explore the campus, city, and settle in. Adjusting to the climate has been a challenge, but I have had many tips from new friends on how to cope! The workload has not been too demanding..yet. We are just beginning mid-terms, and essays are due within the next few weeks. I have found studying in Calgary different to Adelaide, as lectures are not recorded, expectations are different, and there are more people enrolled in classes. Living on campus is also a different experience, which I am enjoying.

The University’s sporting team is called Dinos, and if you are a mad sports lover, you might find yourself attending many of the sporting events weekly. In the Winter Term, the sports played are Basketball, Ice Hockey, and Volleyball. I have really enjoyed going to Dinos matches with friends, and supporting our team. Last week, I attended the Crowchild Classic, which is an ice-hockey showdown against MRU (Mount Royal University) held at the Saddledome. The atmosphere was astounding, and Dinos won! The finals for sports will be starting soon, and I am looking forward to attending and cheering on the Dinos.

Two weeks ago, I participated in an tournament called Frostbite. Frostbite is hosted by the Student Union, and offers a week full of challenges for teams to compete in. I joined team CISSA (Centre for International Students and Study Abroad). Competing in Frostbite was a great experience, as I made new friends while competing in friendly competition. We finished 5th overall, but I can definitely say that the experience and friendships made are more valuable.

I have been fortunate to become friends with people from Calgary, who have helped me adjust, and take me on exciting adventures. A group of friends took me to Lake Louise and Banff, where we had poutine and beavertails (it is not as bad as it sounds!). My friends have lined up a number of activities and places they want to take me, which I am also very excited for! I was told by my friends that I must go on one of the trips hosted by the U of C Ski Club, and so last weekend, I travelled to Revelstoke with the Ski Club. I have only skied once before visiting Revelstoke, and when I heard that Revelstoke has the longest vertical descent of any ski resort in North America, I was a bit frightened. The views were breathtaking, and worth the long bus ride. For anyone who is studying at the University of Calgary, I would highly recommend going on one of the ski trips hosted by the Ski Club.

I am not sure what plans I have for the weeks coming up, but in a couple of weeks, we have our mid-semester break, where I hope to do more travelling and tourist-like activities. Calgary is a beautiful city, similar to Adelaide, and the University is very inviting. I would recommend studying/visiting Calgary to anyone, as the city caters for all!

Demi Martin, Bachelor of Disability and Developmental Education, Semester 1 2017 exchange at University of Calgary, Canada

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