See You Later Utrecht!

The past 6-7 months have been truly incredible. My post has come a little late (apologies), but it would not be the same doing this without being able to reflect. I went into this experience with no expectations of my living situation, house mates, university campus or city itself and because of this it now seems like I was living a dream. I went from driving a car to riding a bike, eating fast food to eating a selection of (very cheap)  gourmet cheeses, living with my Nonna to living with 30 people from all over the globe and being in a warm weather most of the year to experiencing snow on my doorstep and all four seasons – yes I now agree with every other person who says Australia is always hot in comparison to the rest of the world!

Looking back on all the memories made it is the people I met and lived with who made my time in Utrecht amazing. I was so lucky with the housing location and tenants; taking weekend trips to Switzerland or Germany in a moments notice or forcing me to go out and party, celebrating new holidays and Christmas or surprising me for my 21st when my family was not able to all made being away from home so easy. It feels so SO WEIRD being back in Australia (Darwin) where there are no bikes, no snow, so much vacant land and having the sun up for so long!!! It will be so easy for me to one day return to The Netherlands and Europe after this and I cannot stress how much everyone should try and do the same.

Dank Je Wel Utrecht!

Cheers, Gemma 🙂

Gemma Colman, a Bachelor of International Tourism student, Semester 2 2016 exchange at Utrecht University, the Netherlands

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