Hej Sverige!

It’s been over two months now since I’ve left home now and it has already been a whirlwind of experiences, overcoming changes, meeting people from all around the world and adventuring to all different places.

The first couple of weeks in Malmö were very busy! I settled into my student accommodation (Rönnen International), bought my own bike within the first few days, tried to navigate my way around a whole different university, whilst trying to remember the names and faces of the people I would be spending the next six months with… so it was all very hectic!

I live on the fifth floor of Rönnen alongside 25 other international students, and with a total of nine floors in the building, there is no denying that the social life here is never (ever) dead. With the iconic ‘floor parties’ every weekend, group dinners and movie nights, there is always a friendly face to talk to and keep you company. My favourite thing about the student accommodation is that it feels like one great big family!

The topic I currently take runs a bit differently to Flinders. For starters, I have no lectures, attendance isn’t compulsory and I have a 4-hour seminar once or twice a week. The long seminars definitely took me a while to get used to, but the work-load is somewhat similar to Flinders. I’m given weekly study questions as well as two major assignments- so far I’m really enjoying it!

A few days ago, I just arrived home from a trip to Lapland, Finland where I spent the week in Levi alongside 40 other students from Malmö, Copenhagen and Helsinki. The bus ride from Helsinki to Levi was a painful 18 hour trip, but it was all worth it when we were greeted a white snowy winter wonderland. Some of the highlights during the week included swimming in the Arctic Ocean, going on a snow-shoeing adventure, a husky safari, trying out skiing for the first time…and of course seeing the Northern Lights!!!

Tomorrow I set off to my next adventure where I will be backpacking around central Europe for nearly three weeks with a group of friends, starting from Budapest and going through Vienna, Prague, Berlin and finally finishing off in Hamburg. I can’t believe I’m nearly halfway through my exchange, but I’m looking forward to see what’s next! Until next time!

Isabela Kodhyat,  Bachelor of Education (Middle and Secondary Schooling), Bachelor of Arts, Semester 1 2017 exchange at Malmo University, Sweden 

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Malmo Harbour
Trip to Goteborg
Malmo Harbour
Northern lights
Day trip to Copenhagen
Copenhagen Harbour
Swimming in the Arctic ocean



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