First weeks in Australia as a Dutchie

Hii everyone!

Well, these were my first 6 weeks as a ‘Dutchie’ in Australia. I had never been overseas before, so my mind was full of expectations! And Wow! Everything is so big! Huge buildings, wide roads, long travel distances.. Which really is completely different compared to The Netherlands. But I love it! Although, sometimes I miss my bicycle. In The Netherlands, I can go everywhere by bike, something that seems not very common in Adelaide. But I am getting used to go by bus for groceries at Marion or to beautiful Glenelg or Brighton Beach. I have been to the beach so many times, the weather is great!

O’week was a good start for me to get to know some other exchange students and get rid of my jet lag. I went to the city and the Fringe trip (awesome festival!!) and before the evening parties we most of the time had some pre drinks in our unit with other students.

Life on campus is great! It is easy to get to uni, and my room mates are definitely the best I could have wished for. 2 weeks ago the five of us organised a multicultural night with everyone cooking some dishes typically from the home country, it was delicious!

The next few weeks I think I am going to travel a little more through the south of Australia, I think there is so many more to see. Almost mid-semester break! My boyfriend is coming over for 2 weeks, so looking forward to it!!

See ya all,

Lotte Vixseboxse (Utrecht University, The Netherlands)

Liselotte Vixseboxse is on a semester exchange at Flinders University from Utrecht University, the Netherlands: Semester 1 2017


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