A wonderful month in Adelaide

From the mid February till now, it has been a whole month staying in Adelaide. Comparing to Hong Kong, Adelaide has a larger temperature deviation during the day and the night. I still remembered that I needed to wear a gown on the first day in Flinders while others are wearing short sleeves! Flinders is such a good place to studying in, my favourite place on campus is the plaza. I enjoy lying on the ta ta mi with a large peace of grassland and the blue blue sky surrounding. At night, you will feel the tranquil of Adelaide under the starry night.

After a busy and wonderful O’-week(which included many parties), I started to explore around Adelaide. I was amazed by the gorgeous scenery in Glenelg and Henley beach. The sea is as blue as in the colour board and very clean. The naughty seagulls will keep staring at your food so be careful! Besides the beach, you can find delicate cuisines or desert. If you forget to bring anything like mat or sun cream, buy it in the shopping mall a few mile besides the beach just like me.

I am so happy that I didn’t miss the attractive fringe festival here. Multifarious show like the burgles, circus, magic performances were holding over Adelaide. Remember to buy the ticket earlier and be on time!

Just come here for a month, you will definitely feel how chill but vibrant the city is !

 Ka Yi Ho is on a semester exchange at Flinders University from the University of Hong Kong: Semester 1 2017


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