Mesmerising Adelaide

Being on exchange have long been one of the goals for most of the university students, including the students from my hometown, Hong Kong. After considering multiple factors for the selection of exchange destination, I have decided to choose “South Australia” which is a place of paramount contrast to my home land.

Contrary to the fast-paced lifestyle in Hong Kong, I find life in Adelaide relaxing, stimulating and satisfying. Adelaide is a place where I can live in the moment. Its spectacular scenery, welcoming people and its vitality are something I cannot help exclaiming. Remember the days wandering around Henley beach with my friend, it was such an unforgettable experience that I still remember how soft was the sand and the breeze, and most importantly, how lovely are the families, couples and groups of friends who were enjoying themselves. It has just been 2 weeks since I arrived Adelaide but I am amazed by how much memories I have created in class, at the beach and loads of lovely places. 

Wing Yee Yip is on a semester exchange at Flinders University from the University of Hong Kong: Semester 1 2017


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