Mid Semester Break Adventures

What wonderful adventure, both big and small exist to find in Australia. I had the time over Mid-semester to visit Melbourne, Kangaroo Island and discovered a few things to do in Adelaide in between. The break rushed past so quickly because of the numerous things to do and the tight schedule.

We explored the Great Ocean Road on a spur of the moment tour wile in Melbourne making our other adventures pale in comparison after seeing such a natural beauty. In the actual city we discovered the most amazing brunch spots, coffees and hot chocolates. At one place they gave us a mug full of fairy floss and you poured the chocolate overtop of it, melting the fairy floss and making a fabulous drink! We got to listen to some fabulous buskers. We got to see the fairy penguins at St. Kilda. They were fabulous pocking their heads out from behind the rocks! We also took a day for ourselves going to some hot springs out towards the peninsula, getting out of the city a little bit. It was gorgeous! The return back to Adelaide was an adventure within itself. We had a 6:50 am flight to return to Adelaide.

Back in Adelaide before 10am, her roommate who had kindly agreed to pick us up from the airport. While we waited for her roommate to get there we got to sit and watch the Adelaide Crows show up at the airport for their flights. Once on our way from the airport we all proceeded to go fig pick in the Adelaide hills. We picked 2kg of figs! Once all of our figs, and us were loaded into the car, we were off once again for brunch at a café in Norwood. My friend and I both passed out on the couch when we got back due to the busy morning and early flight. After our naps we proceeded to create what is now known to us as “Our Fig Feast”. We made Fig flatbreads, fig tarte and Vanilla ice cream with honey-glazed figs. At this point it was official that we might’ve picked a few too many figs as that used only about half of them. The night was spent talking and watching movies.

6:30am the next day we were at registry road to go on our trip to Kangaroo Island with the ISS. On the island I saw so many amazing things! The list of animals I saw includes: kangaroos, wallaby, possum, New Zealand fur seals, sea lions, an echidna, and koalas as well as a collection of different types of birds. It was a fabulous group of people we got to go with and the island itself was gorgeous. The trip included the remarkable rocks, and dune surfing, campfires, really good food and conversation!.

It was a busy few weeks! I was exhausted afterwards but I had a day to recover then back to classes!

Julie Bettac is on a semester exchange at Flinders University from University of Calgary, Canada: Semester 1 and 2, 2017

Great Ocean Road
Melbourne at night
Chocolate over fairy floss
Admiral’s Arch on Kangaroo Island





Seal Bay on Kangaroo Island
Remarkable Rocks on Kangaroo Island




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