In Which I am Concerned by the Lack of People on Adelaide Metro

I’ve been back from Hong Kong for almost a week now, and I have this strange sense of nostalgia for the trip, only I’m still yet to be convinced that I’ve actually been on the trip. Hong Kong seems like forever ago, and still so fresh in my mind. Maybe it’s because the trip started and ended the same way, with near back to back uni classes, or maybe it’s because Hong Kong is such a surreal place that I am yet to comprehend the trip as anything more than an amazing, two week long dream.

The only way I know for certain that I went on the trip at all is the culture shock I felt when I arrived back in Adelaide and found every piece of public transport was empty of people. I miss the constant hustle and bustle of Hong Kong a lot more than I thought would be possible, especially on public transport, but also I miss the freedom that comes with exploring somewhere totally unknown to you. I have so many memories and experiences to take away from the trip, and I am so thankful for the opportunity that was afforded to me.

Megan Oxenham, Bachelor of Creative Arts (Screen) student participating in the “East Asian Film Industry Engagement Project” in April 2017

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Subway in Hong Kong
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