Mid semester break in Australia

Hi again to all of you!

Halfway through the semester, that feels so good! Mid semester break was a perfect 2 weeks to reduce some assignment stress and not think about studying at all, although my grades aren’t that bad to be honest. I had not seen my boyfriend for almost 8 weeks, so I was happy to see him again.

The first 5 days we went to Melbourne, which is absolutely an awesome city and Oh my gosh the food and the coffees, SO GOOD!! After Melbourne we hired a car to drive all the way back to Adelaide via the Great Ocean Road, such a beautiful trip as well. The last few days I showed him around Adelaide and we went to Gorge Wildlife Park to cuddle some koalas and wallabies, cuuute.

In comparison to Holland, it’s a little harder for me to focus as good on studying living here, knowing that there is so much more to see in (South) Australia, I just want to travel and adventure! That’s why I’m planning two trips for after the semester, one in New Zealand and the other is the East Coast of Australia, I’m so excited!! All right, I first need to finish the semester, so let’s do some studying and beat those exams. Good luck to all of you, almost there!

See ya,


Liselotte Vixseboxse is on a semester exchange at Flinders University from Utrecht University, the Netherlands: Semester 1 2017

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