An Argentinean in Australia: Welcome to Adelaide!

It is always better to travel without many expectations, in that way the places and their people surprise us. I came to Australia almost two months ago, and wonderful people welcomed me in Sydney, sharing their home with me, time and stories. Arriving in Adelaide, were waiting for me the best roommates anyone could ever want, in a beautiful neighbourhood on the hills. Nadia and Ben are two of the coolest Australian I´ve met, people with whom you know that you will have a friendship forever.

On my first week in Adelaide, I attended interesting conferences about gender, sex, sexuality and the politics for three days. In this sense, I am surprised that in Australia, being such a liberal country, it still does not have the Same-sex marriage (in Argentina, the law of equal marriage was approved in 2010, thanks to the tireless struggle of social organizations and the LGTBIQ community). During these months, Australians will have a consultation (not a plebiscite) carried out through a postal survey. That is why, I will participate in the rally and supporting the LGTBIQ community in Australia, because many of us believe and fight for a world with more rights for everyone. Australians participate, raise your voice!

At university, I am meeting people from all over the world (India, Nepal, Netherlands, Indonesia, Philippines, China, Japan, etc.), discovering about the history of the native Australian, learning about human rights in Asia, celebrating that we are different and that makes us extraordinary.

Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to travel to Crystal Brooke and learn about olive collecting. I have already visited several national parks and reserves in Adelaide, and I will go camping with friends at Deep Creek over the weekend. I want to wake up there and see Kangaroos on the beach!

The mid-semester break is nearby and I am planning a trip to Tasmania, and later on to Kangaroo Island and the Great Ocean Road!

See you soon!


P/D: Thanks to the people that work in Oasis at Flinders University, you guys make our days there lovely; and to my partners at the CrossFit club for so much fun and good vibes!








Dianela Jael Gahn on a semester exchange at Flinders University from Universidad Nacional del Litoral, Argentina: Semester 2 2017

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