Halò Stirling! Preparing for my Scottish Exchange.

It’s exactly 28 days until I leave Adelaide for 10 months and it is only now starting to feel real. It feels like only yesterday that I began the application process but in reality it has been over half a year. As my departure day approaches, I am slowly working my way through a list of things I need to do. There are so many people to say goodbye to and it feels bitter sweet. Although I will miss home, the opportunity to study overseas in Scotland at the University of Stirling is going to be an adventure I will cherish all of my life.

Throughout my stay at Stirling I will be staying on campus in flat-like accommodation, with shared kitchen and bathroom facilities among 4-6 people. The accommodation is separated from the teaching facilities by a sports field and a lake, how very Flinders ;), making it roughly a ten minute walk to class.

During my time away I hope to take advantage of my proximity to Europe and my location within the UK and venture throughout both. At the moment I haven’t got anything specific booked, but intend to travel with friends from Adelaide after and take advantage of any trips the university plans. I’m especially looking forward to experiencing a white Christmas and seeing how the other side of the world celebrates my favourite holiday.

I don’t know what to expect; although, I have been warned that despite the main language of Scotland being English, the thick accent can make it feel like an entirely different language.

I know my remaining 28 days in Adelaide will fly by and soon I’ll be settled in Scotland making the most of this incredible opportunity and I can’t wait!!!!

 Courtney Davis, Bachelor of Arts student, Semester 2 2017 exchange at University of Stirling, the United Kingdom 

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