Looking back to my exchange life

Throughout the time I’ve spent in Australia and Flinders University in specific I’ve gained a lot of precious experience you cannot obtain by studying in Hong Kong. The communicating and socialising aspect in Australia greatly differs from your usual communications in Hong Kong, this really allowed me to achieve a more open minded thought process when talking to people and also think critically before judging people from difference cultural backgrounds.

Since Adelaide is an international place, it is easy for me to travel around. In my trip to Cairns, Melbourne and Sydney, I have organised the trip and timetable by myself. This allowed me to grow and mature as a person in terms of independence and organisation skills to act independently and ask for a helping hand when I need it, I believe this is something undermined or insufficient in Hong Kong due to the nature of shyness from Hong Kong people. This is a change that is needed and can only by learnt through first-hand experience.

I strongly advise future prospect students who want to exchange or even study in Flinders that this is a very nice place that can teach you life lessons, both academically and life-wise. The difference in teaching style allows you to take a new point of view when looking back at the teaching methods taken by Hong Kong, meanwhile having studied at Flinders allowed me to build up connections that may prove to be useful in the future and also improves my ability to socialise and work in future professional environments.

The location of Flinders is excellent as there is a shopping centre which can be reached within 20 mins. Not mentioned the multifarious activities and student-organised parties which light up the night here. The student welfares in Flinders are sufficient and helpful such as the free massage and haircut organised by FUSA, Student Connect that gives advice on employment and Academy.

Studying in Flinders provides you with a study-life balance, rounded with the natural environment and fancy people, I do have an unforgettable life here.

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