The end of Semester and Travel Plans

Hey guys!

It has come to the end of the semester, I am working on finishing my papers for my classes, and then BOOM. I’m done! It seems that this semester has gone is a blink of an eye. It really has been an experience I will never forget. From studying topics I am actually interested in (who knew?!) and making some really close friends this semester. We just had a goodbye dinner with all of my international friends, and it makes me so sad to see them go, but it doesn’t feel like a goodbye, it’s a see ya later!

While I will miss all my friends, I am excited to start traveling. I will be headed to Melbourne before spending a month in New Zealand. From there I will be headed to Sydney to spend New Years on the bridge (dreams really do come true!). All this traveling will lead me to my next university, James Cook in Townsville. I am excited to experience a new university in Australia, even though Flinders will always have a place in my heart.

I will miss everyone here, it has truly been an unforgettable experience! My photos here are from some of my favourite parts of Adelaide/ South Australia.

Cassandra Flynn on a semester exchange at Flinders University from Northern Arizona University, the United States: Semester 2 2017

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One of my favorite moments: Cleland Wildlife Park
One of my favorite moments: Cleland Wildlife Park
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