Preparing for a Semester in Manchester, UK

In less than two weeks I will be heading off to begin my semester exchange at Manchester Metropolitan University in England. Preparing to go and organising everything for my exchange has at times felt never-ending and a little overwhelming, but I have finally ticked everything off of my to-do list and I am so keen to embark on this exciting adventure!

I’ve never been to the United Kingdom or Europe before so I am not really sure about what to expect, but I know I will be in for a bit of a shock with the cold weather. I have always loved the cold though, so I am quite happy to swap an Australian summer for a UK winter/spring!

I decided to arrive in Manchester about a week before the semester starts so that I have a few days to settle in before the Welcome Program. This also meant that I would be over there for New Year’s, which I think should be lots of fun!

I have booked a Contiki tour around Europe for after I finish my semester at MMU, and am then planning on spending a couple of weeks with a friend of mine in London. I would also like to spend some time in Scotland and Ireland whilst I’m over there.

As my departure date gets closer I am starting to feel a little more nervous, however, I know that this is normal, and the excitement I am feeling overrides any nerves! Time seems to be going by so quickly, so I am focusing on enjoying my last days at home with my family and having no study to worry about!

Jade Ranford, Bachelor of Psychology (Honours), Semester 1 2018 exchange at Manchester Metropolitan University, the United Kingdom 

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