A new challenge in Hong Kong

With two weeks until I leave, I am excited for the semester abroad in Hong Kong.

The main reasons for why I chose Hong Kong were that it is possibly a future workplace, the pace of life and the weather! I am also interested in experiencing the education system over there. I will be undertaking my core economic subjects over there which I am sure will be a challenge!

The application process was simple with minimal fuss thanks to the LWB team! I had no trouble with subject selection and formal approval from Flinders and HKU. I am also extremely delighted to be a recipient of a scholarship for the semester abroad. While it has been a simple process so far, I have no doubt that I will encounter further challenges once I arrive at HKU. But, it is a learning process that I look forward to.

I look forward to doing A LOT of networking in Hong Kong through events at the High Commission and through university life.

I am additionally considering undertaking an internship within the region following my semester abroad, so look out for my future blogs!

Fawaaz Karim, Bachelor of Laws and Legal Practice/Bachelor of Commerce (Business Economics) Semester 1 2018 exchange at University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

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