Pre-departure to Malaysia New Colombo Plan 2018

My bags are packed, my ticket is booked and I am feeling incredibly unprepared. In less than a week I will be in a different country, surrounded by another language and living with new people. I will be attending the Malaysian New Colombo Plan Grant program.

As the days have grown closer, nervousness has begun to overshadow the bubbling excitement of exploring new places. I am arriving five days late into Kuala Lumpur due to family commitments and the feeling of arriving and travelling on my own is nerve wrecking. However, I am so excited to meet everyone and exploring a new culture. I have heard that Kuala Lumpur is the food capital of the world and I cannot wait to try their unique concoctions of herbs and spices.

I am most looking forward to exploring the incredible wildlife on Langkawi island. I cannot wait for the field trip where we trek island’s rain forest. I hope I am able to find some relevance to my degree within the field trips. I am planning on hopefully investigating the microbiology ecology within Malaysia. Although, I am sure the trip will teach me lessons outside of university. Sustainability is a world issue and I’m glad it is highlighted throughout the program.

Overall, I cannot wait for what seems to be the opportunity of a life time where I get to explore a new place, experience a new culture and try many new things.

Bridie Armour, Bachelor of Medical Science student, participating in “Investigating the history, culture, politics, and science and technology capability of Malaysia” funded by the New Colombo Plan in January 2018

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