Finally made it! Washington and Jefferson Collage Pennsylvania

I arrived in Washington Pennsylvania on the 27th of January at 10:30 in the evening. I left Adelaide 30 hours prior and the weather was 30 degrees Celsius only to arrive in -8 degrees Celsius. It was definitely a initial shock. I had 2 days of orientation into the university in which time I became friends with other exchange students from all around the globe, Hong Kong, Spain, Scotland, Ecuador, France and many more.

I am currently residing on campus in a double room. Throughout orientation we where introduced to staff and peers on campus. Security rules, a phone service provider and bank staff to help us set up accounts. All things helpful and extremely reassuring that it was handle for us through the university. Giving us the peace of mind that we are being looked after.

We where given a walking tour of the town of Washington and the city of Pittsburgh. Give the local cuisines and show historical landmarks. The university provides transport around the town to go shopping and go on outings. As I am only here for six months I am not going to get a car or international license, therefore those services are very helpful.

I found it unusual when arriving that I had to buy a lot of essentials that I was unable to pack. Things that you don’t think about like drinking water, shower basket and lamp, however purchasing a linen set from the university was a great help.

I am looking forward to doing many fun activities while I am here and explore the city with my new friends. On the academic side, I have chosen to do my electives while I am here and have found that the classes are small classrooms with a teacher three times a week instead of large lectures. The teachers are always willing to help and are considerate of my international exchange situation.

I have found a few little cultural shocks like cars driving on the other side of the road, the weather, the days being shorter here as it is winter, the food and American English vs. Australian English.

I am looking forward the next 4 months of study and 2 months of travel. I hope all is successful and I continue to enjoy it as much as I am now.

Angela Venturi, Bachelor of Business International business (Advanced leadership)/Bachelor of Commerce  Finance (Advanced leadership) student, Semester 1 2018 exchange at Washington & Jefferson College in the United States.

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