Winter in Hong Kong

Prior to commencing my exchange in Hong Kong, I spent an eventful two weeks travelling the south of Vietnam. From New Year’s Eve in Saigon to biking it to some waterfall in Dalat for one hour only for it to be closed, the experience could not have been more worthwhile!

Fast-forward to one month in Hong Kong! The first two weeks kept me in bed with the cold going around. As such, my experience in Hong Kong has consisted of catching up on homework and keeping warm in the winter.

Checking into my accommodation (Pokfield Residences) was easy. I am sharing an apartment with a fellow exchange student from China. The accommodation is within walking distance to shopping and university. The only downside is that there is no heating in the rooms throughout winter.

Now to topic selection! Initially I was only accepted into two topics. This was due to prerequisite issues. However, once the add-drop period (similar to our census date enrolment) came into effect, I was able to solve the issues and managed to get into my preferred topics. If you happen to be applying within the Business School (like me), do not worry too much about initially not getting what you wanted.

Unfortunately, due to the weather and being sick, I have not been able to go on the many talked about hikes. However, Hong Kong is known for its food, and exploring this part of Hong Kong has kept me busy outside of study.

What skill have I really developed in this one month? I think my planning has really been put to the test! This is primarily because the classes at university usually go for at least two hours (sometimes four). So, I usually have to get up early plan and prepare for the classes.

I have a couple of goals that I hope to achieve from this experience! Because I am undertaking core economic subjects at The University of Hong Kong, I hope to excel in them and learn a lot. Finally, I hope to gain a better understanding on my strengths and what career pathway they closely align with.

Thank you for learning about my experience!

Fawaaz Karim, Bachelor of Laws and Legal Practice/Bachelor of Commerce (Business Economics) Semester 1 2018 exchange at University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

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