Starting A New Adventure: Final Thoughts before My Trip to Hong Kong

As I begin to my next journey overseas in coordination with the university, I look forward to it with just as much excitement as last time. Previously, my sights were set on Canada, now they are set on Hong Kong. With one location representing a winter wonderland and the other being a humid subtropical paradise, they truly are two polar opposite experiences.

As part of the Asian Cinema Screen & Media topic, my time here will be spent analysing the Asian motion picture industry by attending a multitude of films being screened at the Hong Kong Film Festival. Consequently, I have become eager to begin learning about this culture and evaluate how cinema is perceived. I am also looking forward towards meeting the Hong Kong film students and conversing about the similarities and differences that we share.

With university workload aside, there is a vast amount of options for leisure. After becoming a hiking fanatic due to the accessibility of the Canadian Rockies, I hope to achieve a little bit of climbing in order to reach some terrific vantage points. Furthermore, my previous trip has also taught me the value of taking advantage of time. Every day I hope to go out and experience something new. It all comes down to what travelling is about: making the best of your time and experiencing what can only be experienced at that location.

Oliver Kingsley, Bachelor of Arts- Enhanced Program for High Achievers student has participated in East Asian Film Industry Engagement Program in March-April 2018. The program is funded by the New Colombo Plan by the Australian Government

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