My First Month at Flinders

As my second month in Adelaide quickly approaches, I look back on my time and realise that my feet have not touched the ground. After landing- and one whole day of jetlag- I was keen to explore the campus and the city. The campus is vastly different to my home university at Manchester; the gorgeous green surroundings are a refreshing change, but the large tropical alarm clocks known as cockatoos, less so.

I have loved exploring the hills and the nearby beaches, especially as the sun is beginning to edge out. Most recently, I went to Hallett Cove beach, south of Adelaide, which was beautifully nestled under the clifftop boardwalk.

The hills are also a fun drive away, spotting wild kangaroos and alpacas along the journey. Up in Hahndorf at the ‘Aboriginal Art House’, I was able to experience a man from Tenant Creek, NT, play the didgeridoo for me; which was amazing to hear first-hand. I will look forward to going back during Octoberfest.

So much is happening in and out of uni, but my most memorable moments so far have been: hugging a koala bear at the Cleland Wildlife Park, cheering on Port Adelaide at an AFL game, watching the sunset at Mount Lofty, and… having a crazy man hand me a brown leaf as a ‘flower’… Yes, Adelaide is certainly full of surprises, and I look forward to discovering more of them… leaves and all.

Yasmin Ballingall on semester exchange at Flinders University from Manchester Metropolitan University, UK during Semester 2, 2018


View from Adelaide Oval
Mt Lofty
Hallett Cove Boardwalk
Hallet Cove Beach
First sunset to mark spring
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