More than just Kangaroos and Koalas

6 months of planning and hoping, I had arrived. Greeted by transport to my new accommodation. On this journey we talked about what Australian culture is like, foods to try, where to go. Ready to see the koalas.

International Student Service put on events and tours, all you do is click ‘Attend’. Meeting the koalas at The Cleland Wildlife Park to the city tour and very helpful Flinders International Student Orientation. The events not only helped me feel comfortable but helped build amazing friendships with people from all over the world.

Glenelg is a great place for a day out by the sea, great restaurants, friendly bars and amazing activities. Chinatown and the Central Market, both filled with friendly people and cheap products (if you know where to shop). Sun cream and sand soon, it is just warm enough to enjoy the day out with nice cool days easing you in. Spring is here. Seeing birds that back home you only see in someone’s house, all colours and temperaments (beware the magpies!). With the pond in the middle of campus I am sure that ducklings will soon be spotted, the real sign that the heat is on its way..

Flinders University Student Exchange club have been great. Planning different activities every week. AFL game at the Adelaide Oval to playing Pool in Glenelg. They are very welcoming and friendly, meeting great people and experiencing different things. Deciding to meet up with them as soon as possible was a great idea. They also plan socials during the day like hiking on a Sunday morning or wine tours.

Without the help of the ISS and FUSE I would definitely have had a difficult time adjusting. I recommend doing the same and attending as many events as possible so you can meet new people and see the city in a different way.

America Fabiana Pardo on semester exchange at Flinders University from Manchester Metropolitan University, UK during Semester 2, 2018

Adelaide Oval
Koalas at the Cleland Wildlife Park
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