Preparing for Exchange- 68 Days!

Friday 21st June 2019

Currently, it is 68 days before we fly out to Calgary, Canada. Up until recently it felt as though time was going so slowly as I have been majorly excited about this for the longest time. As the days are passing, I am getting more excited and slightly more stressed. Am I prepared, will my topics get approved, do I have the right insurance, will I freeze in the cold etc.

One of the things bothering me most at the moment is my struggles in finding topics that line up, and that I don’t meet any of the pre-requisites for topics at the University of Calgary. At Flinders I am studying the Bachelor of Disability and Developmental Education which doesn’t directly align with any topics at UofC. I have had to send emails to professors of topics asking them to allow me to study their courses which has been difficult and I am still awaiting confirmation for two. I am hopeful that this will work out!

In other news, I have written all my tasks down in a “To-Do” list which is proving to be super helpful as I can tick off tasks as I’m going to ensure that I haven’t missed anything.

Over the past few days I have been chatting to a few other people that I know are going to be attending the University of Calgary in the fall, and we are all bouncing off each other with excitement, and ideas for weekend trips, hikes and festivals. I have also reached out to my roomies at UofC in an attempt to get to know them before heading over.

I’m really hoping to fully immerse myself in the University life at Calgary and am most looking forward to supporting the Dino’s at sporting events (p.s. how cool is that our mascot will be a dinosaur). I am also looking forward to going on hikes in the stunning scenery and exploring what Canada has to offer.

Stay tuned for more updates, plus a whole lot of pictures…

Niamh Mannion, Bachelor of Disability and Developmental Education undertook an exchange to the University of Calgary during S2, 2019

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