Surfing at Yorke Peninsular

Quoting Winnie the Pooh, “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard!” It has been more than three months since I arrived Adelaide. I don’t feel like a traveler no more, instead I feel like I’ve settled in this beautiful country town named Adelaide. I love the morning runs by the riverside at the edge of the city (see attached a picture of me climbing a tree during my run), the little walk from the Village (the place I live in, on campus) to my lecture rooms, the afternoon hike on mount lofty, the late-night pancake treat in Hindley street… I cannot be more thankful for this amazing exchange journey. I enjoy all the topics I am doing at school, feeling inspired by my fellow classmates and teachers every week. The learning atmosphere is so good and everyone is so encouraging I just love my classes.

I have met so many interesting and friendly people from all around the world. I really cherish all the friendships and feel so lucky to have these people making me feel like home when I am so away from “home”. They support me through my ups and downs, we explore around together and they always inspire me with their new perspectives. I have met my friends from class, in the neighbourhood (I live on campus in the village and everyone is so nice here!), through school-organized surf camp (see the picture attached! Yorke Peninsular is definitely a place I would highly recommend going!), random solo hike and more! I enjoy learning about local culture and the difference between that and all the other cultures from all around the world through these encounters with different people! They make saying goodbye so hard because I am sure I will miss them so much!

If you are thinking about going on exchange, I definitely recommend coming to Flinders Uni because this place is so much fun and it has offered me so many opportunities to explore and learn. I am so proud to call myself an exchange student of Flinders!

Michelle Lam, University of Hong Kong, undertook an exchange at Flinders University during S1, 2019

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the path I take every day to get to my lecture rooms. BEAUTIFUL TREES AROUND!
The path I take every day to get to my lecture rooms. BEAUTIFUL TREES AROUND!
climbing a tree in the middle of my morning run! LET'S BE KOALA!
Climbing a tree in the middle of my morning run! LET’S BE KOALA!
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