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So far so good!

I’m really enjoying my experience so far at University of Calgary, lots of things are super different to my university lifestyle at home, but that’s not a negative by any means.

I am living in the Cascade Hall in a flat with 3 other girls, two of which are Canadian, and one Chinese international student. Most of the friends I’ve made so far live in the same hall which is amazing because you always have someone to study with, or have a cuppa with.

A large group of us do our best to get out every weekend and explore somewhere, we’ve been to Banff a few times and visited Elk Water (where we just stayed at a cabin at the local YMCA, had a bonfire, went on walks etc).

It was recently Thanksgiving here which was awesome, I was able to spend it with a friend’s family, it was really cool to experience a holiday with a local family. Plus, there was an amazing pumpkin pie which I hadn’t tried before.

To the nitty gritty of uni…

The topics I’m taking here are incredibly test/quiz/midterm/exam based, which is not something I do a lot of at Flinders. This has been a major adjustment as I don’t have any exams in my degree, so I haven’t had to study for an exam since Year 12. In saying that, I am really enjoying the content of the topics which definitely makes it easier, but the pre-exam stress is real. Most students are in the same boat, so group study sessions are a must.

Looking forward to continue to experience life here at UofC!

Niamh Mannion, Bachelor of Disability and Developmental Education undertook an exchange to the University of Calgary during S2, 2019

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