Study Abroad in Adelaide City!

Moving across the Globe for this experience has been worth it! I was able to see my family for the first time in 12 years and visit so many places that I do not know where to start!

Let me start by talking about my first impression of Adelaide and Flinders University. Since the moment I arrived at the city I got the feeling that people here are very kind and always willing to meet new people. Since it was my first time in Australia, I was very lost in many occasions and needed to ask for directions or help. The first week of classes I did not know where any building was and even less where all my lectures were hosted. Every day that week I asked for help from people walking on campus and every single person showed me the right way or sent me to someone that would know. Overall, Adelaide and Flinders had a shockingly good first impression for me.

I also want to mention what I do during the weekends and my free time here at flinders. During this time I do what I enjoy the most which is spending family time, playing sports, and traveling. Me and my older brother grew up playing Golf as kids back home but never had the chance to travel the world and play in different countries. Now that we are adults, we got the opportunity, so we decided to play in some of Australia’s best golf courses. During the weekends, when I am not outside at the beach or exploring the city, I also enjoy staying at home and cook some BBQ beef with my uncle and little cousins. We occasionally also go to the park and play some Football (Soccer) since one of my little cousins play in a team.

Overall, my experience at Adelaide and Flinders university has been AMAZING. I am very lucky to have family here with who I can spend my time with, however, that has not stop me from meeting new people and making good friends. The atmosphere here is greater and I 100% recommend it to anyone that has the opportunity to do it.

Diego Carrillo Baez from University of Calgary is undertaking an exchange semester at Flinders University during Semester 2 2022

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