Study Abroad Semester at Flinders

Last year, I took a leave of absence from my home university and decided to come to Flinders University to utilize the Study Abroad Program.  Although I was scared to take a risk, the days I’ve spent here were beyond my expectation.

No sooner had I arrived in Adelaide, I was fascinated by this place: a mix of traditions, modernity, and nature. I could find colonial architecture, indigenous flags, new buildings and dogs running around at beach in just one day. Those things are creating Adelaide while intermingling and it makes Adelaide special.

In addition, There are so many places to visit and people who know how to have fun. Spending time on the beach is one of my recent favourite things. I enjoy hanging out with friends at a restaurant in Glenelg. Also, I love to take a walk down along shorelines to watch the sunset in Brighton. Moreover, there is always something happening. I’ve never been bored of joining small events which I’ve found on Facebook, Eventbrite or invited from friends. The Boho Market and Illuminate festival were amazing!!

Speaking of university life, the amount assignment was also beyond my expectation. Throughout the way to get used to it, I realized there are so many people who support students in Flinders. Thanks to the International Student Services (ISS) Team, FUSA, 24hours open library and so on, I can focus on pursuing my inquisitiveness and explore my academic fields. Heaps of student support sectors make it possible and maximize my study experience. Professors and students in class also inspire me a lot. Studying in Flinders is full of excitement and passion so far.

While it is just a beginning, I am so excited for the next couple of months. I’ sure I will learn and get more new experiences. I am going to keep putting my dream in action!

Minami KUDOH  from Dokkyo University, Japan is undertaking a Study Abroad Program at Flinders University during Semester 2 2022

Botanic Garden
State Library of South Australia
Sunset at Brighton beach with friends
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