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Out of all the universities in Adelaide, Flinders has the most beautiful campus. The view of the ocean from the main building and even one of my classrooms are stunning. I also love OASIS, Flinders’ wellness center. They host a student market, midday meditation and so much more! I live in the heart of the city called the CBDBeing in the city allows me to go on walks and explore the streets to find hidden jems.

The orientation for international students during O’week helped me meet new people and make friends. I learned Australian slang like ‘Arvo’ and ‘Servo’. Within my first week, I quickly gathered the Aussie’s love abbreviations.

Another highlight is the tour of South Australia organized by FUSA. This day tour was a great opportunity to get to know the other international students better. We explored Victor Harbour, Port Noarlunga and Granite Island. I love how Australians are very welcoming, friendly and chatty. I have travelled to a few places, but this is the first country where everyone is friendly and a stranger striking up a conversation is not unusual. This was a culture shock to me because although Canadians are nice and polite it is not common to talk to strangers.

During my first week in Adelaide, The Fringe had the CBD buzzing with visitors. It is the secondlargest arts festival in the world. I went to a Comedy show and visited the main festival grounds and tried the cool food trucks.

So far, I have visited Sydney and I am going to Melbourne for a weekend soon. I scored cheap flights to Bali so I will be going for a week during the term break. Bali is studentbudget friendly, and I look forward to $10 massages and beachside living Overall, I love my experience!  

Belen Geleta from University of Calgary is undertaking a semester exchange program at Flinders University during Semester 1 2023

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