Experiences and Opportunities in Adelaide

It’s hard to believe it’s already November! Spring is well underway in Australia and the semester is almost over. This study abroad has been a really great experience, and it’s sad to have to say goodbye to Adelaide just as things are starting to get good (and warm)!

I’ve met so many interesting people from Australia and all around the world – through classes as well as all the opportunities and events here. All of my classes have had cool local nuances to them; from working on regional maps with Australian flora and fauna in GIS to learning about local government and using Australian case studies in policy classes. As a public policy student, it was also fascinating to be here and learn about The Voice campaign and efforts to support the indigenous people of Australia.

The Flinders Bedford Park campus feels like a community and it’s small enough that you can run into people you know wherever you go. The city of Adelaide has also been great; it’s safe, comfortable, and easy to get around. There are always festivals happening, and it’s really easy to get out into nature (by public transportation!) as well. It’s amazing to be able to take a train to the mountains and just see koalas and kangaroos out in the wild!

I know a lot of international students would rather go to big cities like Sydney or Melbourne, but Adelaide and Flinders have a lot to offer. Students are well supported at multiple levels here, and it’s easy to travel domestically. I think if you come here with some goals like seeing sights, trying new things, or making connections, it’s definitely possible to get things done!

Thanks for all the great experiences, Adelaide, and see you again soon!

Grant Minagawa  from Carnegie Mellon University, USA is undertaking a study abroad program at Flinders University during Semester 2 2023. Check his 1st blog here

Grant at Sydney Harbour
Wild koala at Morialta Falls, Adelaide
Mossman Gorge in Daintree Rainforest
With a baby croc in Darwin


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