Abroad Again, Finally!

Having lived and worked overseas before beginning my masters program, finally going back abroad after the pandemic has felt like a homecoming. Despite being in an English speaking country, there are still those little linguistic nuances and cultural discoveries that make living abroad so refreshing.

Coming from Hawaii, and the middle of the Northern Hemisphere’s summer, it was invigorating to submerge back into winter (definitely mild compared to those at my home university in Pittsburgh!) Things are different enough to keep things interesting, but public transportation actually works and the coffee culture is great for students. I’m (relatively) close to home, and it’s nice to be able to enjoy sunsets on the beach again!

I was actually supposed to come to Adelaide last year, but when my program was suddenly cancelled (something unfortunately uncommon since the pandemic) and I was re-routed to the US East Coast instead. I knew that I wanted international experience as a key part of my studies, and when the opportunity arose to come to Flinders, I jumped at the opportunity. 

Flinders, and the city of Adelaide, is an amazing place. The campus is really beautiful with a lake and green space all around; and views of the ocean and sunsets almost make you want to stick around after hours. The city (where I live) is great, with familiar Asian food and other conveniences, and I just feel like I’m in a park all the time.

Illuminate Adelaide felt like a cool welcome to the city and I wish we had something like it back home. The field trip to Cleland Wildlife Park introduced us to Koalas and Kangaroos (as well as human friends) right away!

Things have only just started, but already it feels like this semester abroad will be too short.

Grant Minagawa  from Carnegie Mellon University, USA is undertaking a study abroad program at Flinders University during Semester 2 2023.

Sunset at Glenelg Beach
Illuminate Adelaide Event
Grant at State Library of South Australia
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