Exam preparation – embrace the social

Studying by yourself all the time can sometimes be lonely (and boring). Some people benefit from the energy of occasionally studying with friends. This can not only make it more enjoyable, but also offers up learning hacks that are difficult to do on your own. Here are some tips for finding a study group/partner.

Find the capable people and start a study group
Generally you can identify the capable students. They ask interesting questions during lectures or tutorials, they seem to know the material and they appear super organised. Start a study group with these people. Not only will they push you to be better, you will learn specific techniques and ideas for how they learn. Be prepared to have to approach a few people in order to get a study group organised. Not everyone wants to study this way.

Practise justifying and teaching concepts to a fellow student
The level of understanding required to successfully teach a concept to another student suggests the material is well learned. In a study group, each select a topic or concept ahead of time, and then when you meet, try to teach each other those concepts.

Get someone else to test you using your flash cards
When they are taken out of your hands, it’s much harder to cheat!

Try a virtual study buddy
Reach out to classmates on social media, online study forums or other collaboration tools to share study tips and ideas. (Just make sure it doesn’t become just an online ‘chat’ to procrastinate from study!)


These evidence-based tips have been collated, courtesy of the Flinders Health, Counselling and Disability Service (HCDS). If you are interested in reading other similar content visit the Student Health and Wellbeing blog.

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