Exam preparation – why taking study breaks is important

If you’re sitting exams this semester, the coming weeks will be busy studying and preparing. It’s easy to spend hours in front of the computer, without realising how much time has passed. Or you might feel like you must spend every spare second studying, with no time to take a break.

It’s important you make the time for regular breaks as this will be of significant benefit to you. Here are a few reasons why taking regular breaks (e.g. 5 to 10 minutes every hour) is so important:

  • Going to a different, quiet room to rest is associated with better retention of the material you have just studied.
  • It interrupts periods of sedentary behaviour, which is related to poorer physical health.
  • It gives you time to eat, go on social media, or engage in other enjoyable activities that give your day balance.
  • You want your study space to become associated with regular high-quality study, not uncomfortable study marathons.
  • Spending time outside, in nature, helps reset our attention mechanisms, so we can focus for longer.

These evidence-based tips have been collated, courtesy of the Flinders Health, Counselling and Disability Service (HCDS). If you are interested in reading other similar content visit the Student Health and Wellbeing blog.

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