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Last semester (through Ping!) we asked students “What’s the best piece of advice you could give to new students starting at Flinders?”  In the 31 July edition of Ping! we gave you their top tips, but there were many students who also told us about some study ‘hacks’ or ‘tips’ that have helped them. See their responses below.

Book out a study room! You can do it online through the library webpage to have a quiet study session with a group of friends.”
Tip: visit the bookings page of the Flinders Library website.

“Make sure you keep an eye on your topics on Flinders Learning Online (FLO) to make sure you’re on top of them”

“For maths do all the homework problems available as it helps immensely with the exams.”

Join a study group, it makes studying more fun and efficient (it can be less daunting getting help from your peers than from your professor!)”

Learn how to write assignments and reference before you start, especially if starting in second year of your degree from previous RPL!
*Tip: The Student Learning Centre can help with this!

Create a study board where you can document your upcoming assignments, exams, etc. I found this to be extremely helpful in forming a good study regime and keeping up to date and not having to stress about being behind and rushing to get assignments done.”

Read your topic guide regularly and look at your marking rubric for assignments.”

“Some topics have practise tests for weekly/fortnightly quizzes – use them to practise before doing the actual quiz so you actually study the information rather than just reading off notes. Also, they’re a great resource for exam study.”

“Try to make friends in your classes and form study groups.”
*Tip: check out the ‘make an effort to meet new people’ section of last week’s blog for tips on how to meet other students!

“Don’t try to write down everything in lectures, just important parts.”

“Take pride in your work! Use the help services available such as Studiosity, extra mentoring, student services, etc even if you don’t think you need it. You probably do!”
*Tip: you can access Studiosity via Okta or learn more about the service here.

“Have a meeting with a librarian to get tips on researching and available library resources.”
Tip: Visit the bookings page of the Flinders Library website to book a meeting with a Librarian.

Do you have any other study hacks? Comment below!

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