Kangaroo Island Tour – 21 and 22 September

Words on Wheels invites you and your family to join us on a tour of Kangaroo Island. The third largest island off the coast of Australia, Kangaroo Island is a nature wonderland.

With 30 per cent of its land protected as national and conservation parks, the island offers pristine wilderness and opportunities to see wildlife in its natural habitat.

The island is promoted as a world-class nature-based tourist destination and is regarded as a key attraction in South Australia.

The island features 28 protected areas covering more than 116,000ha and the marine environment of Kangaroo Island is spectacular and of great significance for biodiversity conservation, aquaculture, fishing and other recreational uses.

The 541 kilometres of coastline varies from gentle beaches to sheer cliffs with wild waves and dramatic rock formations such as Remarkable Rocks.

See more information here: Kangaroo Island tour information.

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