Preparing for Examinations

Semester 2 exams start on 9 November 2019. If you have exams coming up, it is a good time to start preparing. Check out some useful tips and hints.

The SQ5R Method

What is the SQ5R method?

  • Survey the whole topic and look for summaries
  • Question: ask yourself questions based on headings in the book or lecture notes
  • Read actively with definite questions in mind.
  • Record in note form the main points under each heading. Make key points stand out by underlining or highlighting in colour
  • Recite from memory the answers to specific questions. If you can’t answer, then go back to reading and recording and try again
  • Review each section as you complete it. Test yourself by writing and reciting
  • Reflect on the meaning of the reading. Ask: how can I apply this?


Charts and Graphs

Charts and graphs are important summaries of material. Use the SQ5R and turn their headings into questions.

Examination Preparation -Ten Study Tips

Use these top ten study tips to prepare successfully for your exams

  1. Give yourself enough time to study
  2. Organize your study space
  3. Practice using past exam papers
  4. Organize study groups with friends
  5. Explain your answers to others
  6. Take regular study breaks to keep a balance
  7. Keep yourself in good health through regular exercise
  8. Maintain a balance diet. Eat little and often to improve your concentration
  9. Have enough sleep and stick to a fairly regular sleep schedule
  10. Having difficulties? Ask for help from academics if it’s on a topic, book an appointment with a counsellor for personal matters and consult a doctor if you have health problems


For more tips on Preparing for Examinations click here. If you feel that you are unable to face the pressures of preparing for exams email for further assistance.



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