Deferred Exam – if you are unwell

The semester 2, 2019 exams take place between 9 November to 23 November. Below provides you with information on what to do if you are unable to attend an exam because you are unwell.

Deferred exams

If you are unwell:

  1. You may apply for deferred assessment based on medical and/or compassionate grounds; or
  2. If you are unable to complete an exam due to medical or compassionate reasons, please report to the Chief Examination Supervisor before leaving the examination room.

You must:

  • Lodge an application for a deferred assessment with your College no later than three business days after the exam.
  • Attach a medical certificate to certify that you were unwell to sit for the exam.
  • Make sure that the medical certificate is dated on the same day as the exam that you were unable to sit for.

Deferred exams information

  • If you have been offered a deferred assessment, you will see a deferred assessment indicator on your results. Eg P/M (*/M indicates medical or compassionate grounds).
  • Semester 2 2019 exam dates for deferred exams are from 9 December to 14 December.
  • Note that the deferred exams timetable can be released up to only 24 hours before the exam commences.
  • Monitor your Flinders student email for details of your personalised deferred exam dates, times and seating allocation.
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