Good luck with your exams

As we approach the end of another academic year, many of you are dealing with the final hurdle of your studies, exams. We know that this time can be stressful but remember there are plenty of supports to help you through. We have study sessions at the library, de-stress activities around our campuses and free food to keep you going. Take regular breaks from study, as fresh air and exercise can be great for clearing the mind and re-energising the body.

I remember the nervousness I felt every time I sat down for exams; had I studied enough? Would I think of the right words while working against the clock? What if there’s a question I have no idea about?

I followed a simple plan to give myself the best chance of success. Made sure I had a good night’s sleep, made time for breakfast and drank plenty of water. Once there, I first read through the entire paper to know what was in it and identified potential problem areas. I didn’t linger too long on the sticky questions, instead came back to them after completing all the easier ones.

Each of you will likely have your own tried and true approach to managing exams, but if you’re feeling unsure or need advice at any stage, we have academic and general counsellors who can provide help in person, by phone or online.

Wishing you good luck and a good result for your efforts!


Professor Clare Pollock
Deputy Vice-Chancellor Students.


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