Hear how one student is coping with the current global situation


Name: Isabella

How far are you into your studies? I am currently completing my 3rd year. Field of study: Bachelor of Arts/ Masters of Teaching (Drama & Geography)

How have you been feeling this week as Flinders transitions online?
Since Flinders has transitioned online I have been quite stressed and out of routine due to the unprecedented changes around the university. It has most definitely been a chaotic week for all staff and students. However, the immediate response from the university has allowed students to quickly react to the issue at hand. It has been reassuring to know that everyone around me is in the same boat and that the staff at the university are doing everything in their power to ensure we are still able to pass our degrees.

What is some advice you’d give to first years and other university students right now?
I have found that my number one challenge this week is trying to work out what I should be doing and what changes have occurred that I need to be aware of. I have noticed my emails being flooded by numerous emails with topic changes. One bit of advice I would say is to keep that communication with lecturers and students. You don’t have to do this alone, if you are confused, post something in the general discussion forums on FLO. There is still so much support available. Secondly, my advice would be to create a priority list. After you have found out the requirements, write down all the things you are meant to do (assessments, online workshops, readings, lectures, etc.) and consider what your top priorities are. This will allow you to keep updated with what is essential right now. My last bit of advice is to remain positive, look after your physical and mental health.

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