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The Learning online workshop is designed to help you explore the key things you need to know when learning online at Flinders University. This is a self-paced workshop that is designed to help you explore the key things you need to know when learning online at Flinders. It will introduce you to some strategies and technical skills that are required to be successful at learning online and offers an opportunity to practice these skills in a safe environment.

This is a self-paced workshop and will remain available to you to revisit at anytime. It can be accessed by following these steps:

  • Click here
  • This link takes you to FLO and a page that says Learning Online: Self Enrolment (Student). Click the Continue button.
  • Click the blue ’Enrol me’ button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Start the Learning Online self-paced workshop.

What topics will the workshop cover?

  • Module 1: Preparing for online will help you navigate FLO and understand the technical set up you need to make things work.
  • Module 2: Understanding expectations looks at the strategies you can use to understand what is expected of you in each Topic.
  • Module 3: Collaboration and participation explores how you can be an active participant in the learning process online.
  • Module 4: Assessment and feedback covers the technical aspects of assessment in the online environment.
  • Module 5: Problem solving offers ideas on how to become a problem solver and suggestions on how you can access support to develop the academic skills required to complete assessment activities online.

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