Finding your key dates in FLO

Study can be all about dates – and keeping track of when assessment is due and other key dates can be overwhelming at times.

There are lots of ways to get an overview of dates for your topics in FLO.

A new feature in FLO is the timeline block on your FLO home page (My FLO). This block shows dates coming up for all of your topics. In this block, you can see assignment due dates, quiz closing dates and expected completion – and there are links that take you straight to the assignment or quiz.

The calendar is another great tool to help you stay on top of the key dates for your topics. Each entry in the calendar is hyperlinked so the item is only a click away. It is also possible to export or sync to another calendar such as your Google or Outlook calendar. You can also add private events to the calendar for your topic.  You can choose to view your calendar with dates from a single topic or combine entries from multiple topics – which is helpful if you are juggling due dates for multiple topics. The calendar is available from the navigation menu on every page in FLO.

The upcoming events block is a useful companion to the calendar. This needs to be added to your topic by your Topic Coordinator, so if you can’t see it in the block drawer in your topic, ask the Topic Coordinator to add it. It shows events for the next month from the topic’s calendar. It’s different from the timeline block as it shows any upcoming events in the topic calendar, whereas the timeline block only shows deadlines.

Another way you can get an overview of dates is via the activity index pages. These pages list all activities in your topic, grouped by type. They provide a variety of handy information about these activities including which module they are located in and, depending on activity type and user role, information such as due dates, numbers of attempts, submissions, posts and replies, and unread posts. Each item is hyperlinked straight into the activity. You can find these lists from the activities block in topic blocks.

Find out more at FLO Student Support.

Have a play with the different options and see what works best for you!

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