Information for online students

Enrolling as an online student

If you have accepted an offer for an online course, please note many of our courses are listed as ‘Internal’ by default in the Student System. Your study mode, or how you study your course (online, partial on campus, on campus), is determined by the topics you enrol in.

Topics may be available in different modes. If you would like to study online only, make sure you select the online version of the topic.

More information about modes of delivery.

Registering in Online class activities

Some online topics have scheduled classes that you will need to register in, however, others do not. When you enrol in an online topic, make sure you check the My Timetable tab in the Student System to see if you need to register into a class activity (such as an online lecture, or online tutorial). Keep in mind:

  • If there is only one class activity available for a particular topic, you will be automatically registered into the class.
  • If your timetable shows a class without a location, it is an online class.
  • If your online topic does not have scheduled class activities, it will not show in your timetable.

More information about enrolling in topics and registering in classes.

Online learning materials

Flinders Learning Online, commonly referred to as FLO, is our online learning platform. Every topic you enrol in will have its own FLO topic page, where you can find detailed information about online topic delivery information, required readings, links to online learning materials, topic learning objectives, assessments, topic coordinator details as well as forums to chat with your peers and academic staff.

Support services for online students

As an online student, you have access to the services and support available at Flinders. You are also welcome to attend our campuses and use our facilities at any time.

More information about our support and services.

International students enrolling in online topics

International students on a student visa can only undertake 33% of their total enrolment load at Flinders as external/online topics and must not enrol exclusively in external/online topics in any compulsory study period (i.e. standard semester).

Please ensure you select topics in accordance with these requirements. The University reserves the right to amend your enrolment to ensure compliance with the ESOS Act and National Code.


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