MOvember and mental wellbeing

Mental wellbeing is something we are beginning to hear more and more about. It’s something that I have recently developed a deep passion for which has stemmed from my own personal experiences as well as those of a few of my closest mates.

The more I learnt about mental wellbeing the more interested I got. As someone that is currently in their final year of study in an Exercise Physiology degree I guess I have always been interested in how physical activity and exercise is able to change our body for the better. But perhaps the coolest thing I have learnt over the 4+ years of study is how big of an impact physical activity can have on the brain and ultimately your own mental wellbeing. This was truly fascinating.

The research provides strong evidence linking increased physical activity levels to improved well-being, reduced levels of stress and anxiety as well as reduced rates of depression. It’s not surprising though! Next time you’re feeling down or anxious, go and do some exercise. Play close attention to how you feel before and after the exercise and you’ll quickly realise how huge of an impact physical activity can have on your mood.

Physical activity itself doesn’t present as a stand-alone cure to mental illness. However, along with support from family, friends or a professional it does present itself as a method that can have a significantly positive impact on your well-being and mental health.

MOvember is a charity which helps raise awareness around this. It has been doing tremendous work in the realm of Men’s health, in particular mental health. They raise money not only to support much needed research in Men’s Health, but also invaluable awareness around mental health.

So, this November, our Exercise Physiology cohort are preparing and participating in Move challenges for men’s health to raise money for MOvemebr. If you’d like to support our cause having fun and raising awareness for MOvember, register yourself or a team.

We hope to hear from you!

Take Care.

Alex Martini (5th year Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology)

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