Movember – Why I’m participating

I was drawn towards participating in a mo-vember project this year as I would like to learn more about men’s health and the different ways men are being challenged by health-related diseases. The rise of mental health acknowledgment and recognition has grown immensely over recent years as we are starting to see men and women from high level sporting backgrounds come out to the public and express their struggles openly. This is a large shift from previous settings in which most individuals would feel the need to keep these feelings and emotions held in.

Given my involvement in sport, I want to increase my current level of knowledge on the signs that someone might be struggling as well as the scientific background on how exercise can support their needs and therefore, how I can apply my knowledge in the field of using exercise as a treatment. Further to this, I know prostate cancer has a high prevalence in the male population but outside of this my level of knowledge is restricted. Given my current part time job working with the older population and future ambitions to work as an AEP focused on the older population, I feel an ambition to expand my knowledge. Lastly, I wanted to take part in this campaign to increase my level of knowledge for myself as I start to get closer to the ages that are associated with an increase prevalence of these diseases. For these reasons, I believe it will be interesting and valuable for me to learn how physical activity can support common aspects of men’s health; cancer and mental health related.

So, this November, our Exercise Physiology cohort are preparing and participating in Move challenges for men’s health to raise money for MOvemebr. If you’d like to support our cause having fun and raising awareness for MOvember its not too late!! Register yourself or a team.

– Adam Lecornu (5th year Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology)

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