Meet your Business, Government & Law O’Guides

We’d like to introduce our O’Guides in the College of Business, Government and Law. Read on to find out more about the team. If you’d like to join an O’Guide group, find their sessions in the registration form here.

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Combined Bachelor of Business Human Resource Management; Bachelor of Psychological Science 

“I am passionate about all things people and human development. That’s what drew me into Flinders. I love the idea of a large campus with the ability to socialise and connect with individuals with all different types of interests and skills. I have been here for a while… 6 years… yikes… but it was important for me to able to live my life whilst I studied. I took some time off to pursue my love of travel and learnt some amazing skills along the way that have only benefited my education. When I’m not busy with Uni, you’ll find me in the kitchen working on my small baking business (I’ve designated myself taste-tester of course). Otherwise, I’ll be outdoors exercising or socialising with friends as they are some of my favourite things. I wanted to become an O’Guide to demonstrate that there are many ways that you can engage with the study that you’re enrolled in, and to show you how to make the most of this experience! I have a small Uni timetable making me largely available to assist you and any way that I can, I look forward to meeting you!

Masters of Arts (International Relations)

“I enjoy exploring and capturing memories in new places, and meeting new people. I love to hear stories of different people and I always look forward to learning about photography, editing, making content and NFTs.  

I’m passionate about international politics, and how the world works which has led me to take interest in different fields. The course structure that Flinders offers is sufficiently detailed about global politics. Moreover, Flinders offers its education from a diverse perspective making the student approach critical in their endeavors. I look forward to joining the Politics and International Relations club as a Secretary or Postgraduate member. I joined the O’Guide program to help students feel comfortable and helping each other to connect and make new friends. Thankfully, I have already made some friends which really helped me to eliminate the fear of loneliness, making myself comfortable and confident in this new land.”


Combined Bachelor of Criminology; Bachelor of Networking and Cyber Security

“My hobbies include playing chess, watching movies and gaming! My passion towards creating better social justice drove me to study criminology. I’m passionate about creating social change in our society. While studying at Bedford Park campus, I was able to grow this passion even further and get to know more about means of creating such change. I’m hoping to change degrees to a Bachelor of Law and Legal Practice and Bachelor of Criminology Honours. 

I joined the O’Guide program to represent criminology students, as I wanted to help students in understanding how uni life works (as a student who personally transitioned from school to university).  I understand how some students might be nervous about this switch, and may have a lot of questions and no one to reach out to, so I am happy to be able to help!”

Master of Business (HRM)

“I am a Timorese student who got an opportunity to study in Australia through a scholarship program. I am the first person in my town and in family who study abroad, especially in a developed country like Australia. My mother does not have an opportunity to finish her study, and that has limited her to achieve her goals. Therefore, she always encourages me to pursue my education because she believes that through a better education we can change our life and bring positive impact to others. This life background, coupled with my professional work experience working in human resources (HR) have motivated me to study HR so that I can contribute in developing the quality of workforce in my country, Timor-Leste.

I love challenge and am always open to listening and learning from other people. During my time at Flinders University, connecting with people is something that I love to do through my active involvement as part of Finders International Students as Partners (FISAP) and Flinders Student Representative for BCGL. This semester I will be a Student Ambassador and an O’Guide for the first time and I can’t wait to meet new students!”

A quote I like… “Life happens only once, be good and do good!”

Bachelor of Tourism & Events & Bachelor of Business 

“I am the first of my family to attend university. I wanted to become an O’Guide because I remember how daunting my first year was and how I wish I had a program like this to make friends, ask questions and learn from other’s experiences.  

I am a big fan of campus life. I spend may nights in the library studying, and I spend even more nights playing table tennis in the hub with friends and living of off vending machines. Outside of uni, I’m a full-time puppy mum, check-out chick, coffee snob and Pilates enthusiast. I feel very passionately about sustainability and the importance of sustainable tourism practices within a growing industry, which is a major reason why I chose my degree. Flinders has allowed me many amazing opportunities to work directly in my chosen industry and further develop my professional profile.”


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