Meet your Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences O’Guides

We’d like to introduce our O’Guides in the College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences. Read on to find out more about the team. If you’d like to join an O’Guide group, find their sessions in the registration form here.

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Bachelor of Tourism and Events; Flinders Foundation Studies Program; (Transferred after semester of Bachelor of Media Arts)

“I love to keep myself busy and try new things. I constantly keep my eyes open for new and exciting opportunities and experiences, such as volunteering for events, extra courses outside of university, and travelling and bonding with new people! I have a job at Target that I work casually at while I study.

I took a while to fully settle in at Flinders as I wasn’t aware of the support that was available. I joined the O’Guide program so that I can provide information on support available and help make other’s transitions feel smoother and make people feel welcome. I first started at Flinders doing the Foundation Studies Program in 2020 when everything suddenly went online. I then started mid-year 2020 doing Bachelor of Media Arts. Although I thought I wanted to work in this field, I suddenly had a change of heart and wanted to try something different. I found the Bachelor of Tourism and Events and started in 2021. This was an excellent transition and the orientation program helped me feel really welcome as it helped me make friends and pointed me towards the support services available. I found the disability services which helped me put together an access plan, making adjustments in my studies. Another service I really liked was the career hub, where you can access tons of information around employment in your specific area of interest. I can’t wait to share more with you in my O’Guide session!”
Chloe M

Bachelor of Criminology/Bachelor of Law and Society (Previously Bachelor of Creative Industries (Film and Television)

“I absolutely love to dance! I began by dancing at my high school as a subject in year 9 (2017) and I’ve been doing it ever since. I currently compete competitively with my dance school, Dance Crew SA, doing troupes and solo work. My favourite dance styles are ballet, lyrical and contemporary!  

I chose to study at Flinders because I love the environment – the outdoors, the people, and the facilities! I attended a couple school excursions to the Bedford Park campus which definitely influenced my decision. I’m still very sure that I picked the right university, I’m loving my experience so far! The lecturers and tutors are often quite engaging, making my learning enjoyable. I feel that I’m supported in most aspects of my learning, especially when I’ve had two-degree changes (currently onto my third). I previously studied film and television, and I’ve yet to begin my criminology/law course

I joined this program as I love to help new students! Whenever I hear someone has a question, I often attempt to answer to the best of my ability. I love giving advice and making a change, but most importantly, making new students feel comfortable as they embark on their next chapter in their life.”


Bachelor of Arts (Geography and International Relations)

“I live locally, am one of three brothers and was the first in my immediate family to attend university, starting directly after finishing school. My first choice was Flinders University which offered the opportunities of degrees I wanted to pursue. The humanities and arts sectors are highly worth choosing as options at Flinders. 

I currently have two casual jobs, but at the moment mainly work on an orchard. My passions are cricket, gaming and geography, but I also enjoy a good chat. 

I wanted to become an O’Guide volunteer because it allows me to firstly, meet and help new students get comfortable which I highly enjoy and secondly, give first year university tips to new students that I received when I was a first year student and what I learned on my journey. I look forward to meeting and helping new students.”


Master of Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Management; Bachelor of Letters 


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