Meet your Medicine & Public Health O’Guides

We’d like to introduce our O’Guides in the College of Medicine and Public Health. Read on to find out more about the team. If you’d like to join an O’Guide group, find their sessions in the registration form here.

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Bachelor of Medical Science (Honours)

“I am a Bachelor of Medical Science student currently in my Honours year. I am passionate about medical research, particularly in the field of infectious disease and immunology. In 2022, I will be conducting my Honours project in the Flinders Medical Centre.  

Outside of my studies, I am currently working as a Student Ambassador for Flinders. This has been a great experience so far as I get to learn and be a part of the administrative ins and outs of the university. In my free time, I love to exercise and play basketball. These are my essential stress relievers for when times are tough. 

During my time at Flinders, I have learned some technical skills and “hacks” to help me not only excel at university but also balance that with my personal life. These are the things that I have learned from trial and error, and they have allowed me to make significant improvement year by year. Therefore, it is my hope that I can transfer these skills to you guys, the incoming students, so that you can have a great head start here at Flinders.”


Bachelor of Medical Science (Honours) 

“My name is Yacoub Amer, and I am a passionate and dedicated student entering my Honours year in the BMedSci (Honours). Additionally, I am a Student Ambassador with the Office of Student Recruitment and have been a topic representative for numerous BMedSci genetics topics. I have continually performed well in the various elements of my degree, including professional placements. Starting university is a momentous occasion that poses a unique set of challenges. I hope to use the skills, tips, and tricks I have developed along the way to help you transition seamlessly into university life and to make the most of the student learning experience at Flinders University.


Bachelor of Clinical Science and Doctor of Medicine

“Hey everyone! Welcome to a new chapter of your life!  

My name is Surraya, and I am an international student. I have completed two years of Bachelor of Clinical Science, and I am starting my first year of medicine this year. I started my degree in 2020 (just when the pandemic started), so I have experience with studying online and on campus. Although, I still get lost on campus often (this is normal!).  

Some of my hobbies are playing board games, watching anime, tutoring and cooking! I am passionate about helping people, so I am usually involved with various volunteering roles as well. I also worked as a summer research student in School of Public Health, which was a great learning experience.     

I chose to be an O’Guide because I want to help new students with their transition to university. I realise that starting university can be confusing and difficult sometimes, like it was for me. So, I would love to help others”.


Bachelor of Clinical Sciences and Doctor of Medicine

Hi everyone! 

I’m a full time second-year medical student at Flinders who started University straight out of year 12. I chose to come to Flinders because I really valued being with my support network in Adelaide, but I ultimately stayed because of the great people I have come to meet in my classes and the opportunities that Flinders has offered me academically and career-wise.  

I joined the O’Guide program because I’d like to meet some incoming students and show them the tips and tricks that made my transition to University easier. As someone who has extensively researched medicine entrance, I would also love to help students understand their options at Flinders in pursuing a medical career.  

Outside of University study, I work part time tutoring and as a Student Ambassador at Flinders. I also look after a cute golden retriever, trail run a few times a week and do some amateur cooking and wood carving on the side.”


Bachelor of Medical Science

“First fun fact about myself is that I am not named after the singer, and my hips are inherently truthful!  

Second fun fact about myself is that I love random fun facts.  

I began studying in 2020 so I’ve done a lot of my degree online (including a couple of labs) which has at times been tricky. In terms of work, I work part time teaching ballet to 2.5-5-year-olds a couple of days a week.  

Some of my free time hobbies include going on walks around the place, testing out new recipes, listening to podcasts and when time permits, reading. I am also thoroughly a cat person (no hate to dogs) and have my own 1 year old boy named Lentil who is a bundle of energy.  

I’m super excited to be part of the O’Guide program for a second year and look forward to meeting everyone!”


Bachelor of Medical Science

I’m a pastry chef that’s making a career change into becoming a medical scientist. I left high school in Year 10 in 2006 and got accepted into Bachelor of Medical Science in 2020 through the Flinders Foundation Studies Program in 2019 – which was such an amazing experience/program. I love listening to people’s life journeys. I truly believe that we don’t have to stick to one career path our whole life and having multiple career interests should be a norm!  

 To sum up, I’m a full-time medical science student, casual pastry chef (at the Adelaide Oval and CupKates Desserts, Hyde Park), weekly badminton player (at the Adelaide Badminton Centre), and an avid Rummikub player.

I also started my uni classes in 2020 during the start of Covid – 100% online. I’d love to help new students find their virtual place in Flinders and make the most out of their virtual uni experience by being their O’Guide!”


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