Meet your Science & Engineering O’Guides

We’d like to introduce our O’Guides in the College of Science and Engineering. Read on to find out more about the team. If you’d like to join an O’Guide group, find their sessions in the registration form here.

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Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) (Honours)

I love the ocean and take every available opportunity to spend as much time out on the water as I can. This passion has led to me joining the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard, where I volunteer on boat patrols whenever there is space on the boat.  

I have a strong interest in the defense sector, which drove me to enroll in an engineering program here at Flinders and I am in the application process for the Royal Australian Navy. I work as a freelance sound engineer, and on weekends and during the holidays I volunteer as a youth leader at Malvern Uniting Church. I spend my spare time running and swimming and developing a table-top role-playing game system.

I have spent six years studying at university, having previously been enrolled in UniSA’s Aviation and Flight Training programs before transferring to Flinders to study Maritime Engineering. I then switched disciplines into Mechanical Engineering. I study full time and have just finished placement at the university working on a project for Naval Group.  

I volunteered for the O’Guide program so that I can pass on the lessons I’ve learned from my time at university, and so that I can help new students to make the most of the new and exciting opportunities available at Flinders.”

Bachelor of Science (Honours); Previously completed combined BSc (Animal Behaviour) & BSc (Marine Biology).

“I’m passionate about the environment. I feel so fortunate to study on a campus surrounded by nature – I love walking across from the Plaza each morning and seeing the ocean (and watching the sun go down when I study late).  I’ve evolved from a nose-in-book, ‘only here for the study’ type of student to discovering all the other aspects of Flinders. Being a bit of an introvert, it took me awhile to get actively involved in some of the non-academic programs and opportunities on offer, but I am so glad I did as it has helped me to feel at home here and part of a wide and diverse community. 

 I’ve undertaken elective topics outside the traditional biology/science area such as tourism, graphic design, scientific drawing, and coding. I found these a great way to broaden my skills and network, as well exercising the other side of my brain. Over the past 4 years at Flinders I have managed my physical & mental health issues alongside study and volunteer/work commitments. I would love to share my experiences (both the good & bad!) and help you navigate your transition into uni life.”

Bachelor of Computer Science 

“Gday! I was born in the Philippines, but I’ve lived in Singapore most of my life, where I studied Aerospace Engineering. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be so here I am now! I love learning new things whether it be self-development related or a completely different topic like astronomy.  So far, I’ve been practicing Buddhist and Stoic philosophies on and off, and I’m currently learning Spanish, Accounting and Forex. 

I’m obsessed about optimization, automation, and efficiency. From tailoring my day-to-day activities to finding new ways of studying efficiently. If you have any tools or you’ve learned, feel free to share and bounce off ideas! Because of my passion to help other people, I am running a student agency, helping international students to feel at home while living abroad. My other interests include performing arts, reading books, crypto & blockchain tech, software dev, health & fitness, data science, self-development, finance & investing, philosophy, neuroscience

I joined the O’Guide program because I love meeting new people! When I first started, my O’Guide mentors helped me tremendously to settle in at Flinders, and I hope I can do the same for you!” 

Masters in Engineering (Mechanical)

“I am the first child in my immediate family to study in Australia. I am from India and in line with our culture, I am passionate about learning and sharing knowledge. At Flinders, I am the newly appointed postgraduate liaison officer at FUSE (Flinders Uni Society of Engineers) and will coordinate a peer mentorship program focused primarily on STEM students. 

My motto of life is breaking the barriers and growing beyond the limits of our minds. I work part-time, mostly over the weekends, as a Disability Support Worker with Life Without Barriers. While working with LWB, I am not only making a difference in the lives of the clients with disability but also breaking the social barriers. I am a committee member for the reconciliation and sustainability committee. 

I love spending time in nature and this is where I have alone time. This is one of the reasons I chose Flinders University, for its wide-open spaces. After spending one semester, I was proud of my decision not just for the closeness to nature and excellent study spaces but also for the excellent online study and support. FLO has changed the way I used to look at university studies.  

 Before starting my study at Flinders, I have completed my MBA with project management specialisation from Kaplan Business school. As a Student Ambassador, I have worked tirelessly for student welfare at KBS and want to continue that while in Flinders as well. I chose the O’Guide program so that I can help students starting their academic journey to feel comfortable and joyful.”


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