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Are you ready to kick some academic goals this Semester?

We offer a range of services tailored to help you achieve a study-life balance for the rest of Semester 1.

Mid-semester challenges 

As you return to studies after mid-semester break, it is not unusual that the “shine” of a new year at uni may be wearing off . What was new and exciting is now routine. Perhaps some of your topics are proving challenging in terms of content. Or balancing uni with other parts of your life is hard work.

It might be a little bit harder to jump out of bed in the morning, or that weekly study plan you were following so well in term 1 starts to get a bit “flexible” (code for “I can study later”). This happens to many of us at this time of year.

Speak with a Student Success and Wellbeing Advisor

If you are feeling overwhelmed or are uncertain about how to seek the correct support for your circumstances, book a session with one of our Student Success and Wellbeing Advisors.  We can assist you to identify goals, explore options, or discuss challenges.

Visit Student Success and Wellbeing Advisors to find out more about how we can assist you.

Tips to help your wellbeing 

Sticking to your routine, ensuring you are eating well, sleeping well, and getting some activity into your week will help your brain remain focussed. There are also a number of Wellbeing and Performance Programs which you can access, or (if you are on Bedford Park campus) you can drop into the Oasis Student Community Wellbeing Centre. You can also book in to see a counsellor if you feel like things are impacting you.


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